Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Hot as Heck and It's Memorial Day

Global Warming at it's finest. Undersea volcanos in the Artic spewing red hot mud at my boat as I try to reach the pole. Come on, how unfair is that? I see the satellite view in my monitor and I need to pilot my ship nearly 150 miles out of the way to avoid becoming hot mud chow. I tell ya, life as the captain of the Travelin' Mar isn't as easy as it used to be. Nobody uses similary textured rubber materials the way the ship makers do these days. The Travelin' Mar isn't going to hold up to the temperatures generated by the undersea eye, so I have no choice. Now it's going to take us another day to get to the Martian South Pole. The man-made winds blow at a fierce pace against the sail of my tiny ship.

And in other news, it is Memorial day and it's hot and I don't wanna do anything today.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the Pain and Itch associated with Burning Skin

Good Gosh almighty.
I have been a very bad blogger.
We went to Orlando, Florida and I got burnt to a crisp. It was terrible. Itchy Burning, I wonder if I put some Preperation-H on my burn, if the burning and itching would stop.
Anyway, 2 classes this semester, combined with the vacation, Jury Duty and impending doom that is TN travel, is making me a badblogger.
Here is how I cured my sunburn in 3 days (after the pain and itch started)...
Day 1 : More than Mild Pain & Severe Itching starts ... Spray on anti-itch stuff, drown skin in aloe & chamomile lotion. doesn't work very well. Take warm shower-> Pain is more severe and itch becomes unbearable. Try Gold Bond lotion ... AHHHHHH the burn, I now feel the pain in my teeth. Take Motrin and think about Tylenol, but remember the Vicodin I have in the cabinet. Take one, pain subsides as Vicodin kicks in and as a special bonus, puts me to sleep.
Day 2, I awaken - dread the shower, but I have Jury Duty, so I figure I shouldn't go dirty. Not a horrible experience, I mostly air dry and avoid touching the crispy parts. I live. I go to the court, I take Motrin (800mg) and Tylenol, itching stays under control as long as I am ableto ignore it. No major setbacks. Get home make the mistake of changing my clothes and scratching my itch a little, SEVERE PAIN AND ITCH return! Take more Motrin & Vicodin and use a ton more of lotion and anti-itch spray, no relief. Take another Vicodin way too soon, fall asleep so I can't notice the pain and itch. After the nap, I run around topless for the rest of the day. Mostly no more itching keep the Motrin coming.
Day 3: Skin starts to peel off by the time I get home from work, I'm like a flaky mess. I have succeeeded, skin is so dry it can't itch no more. Motrin helps.
Lesson to be learned: Don't burn in the sun. Motrin is a good pain and itch reliever when combined with vicodin and lotion and anti-itch spray.
Lesson #2: I'm not a Doctor, don't try this remedy at home without consulting a Dr.