Thursday, November 30, 2006

Orthostatic intolerance & Greg Page

The Wiggles Lead Wiggler, Greg Page, has retired. Due to a little known disorder, Orthostatic intolerance, he's had to end his career early. The disorder is little-understood, from what I can gather, that causes dizziness, fatigue and nausea.

What is Orthostatic Intolerance?
Standing upright results in a series of reflexive bodily responses, regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System, to compensate for the effect of gravity upon the distribution of blood. These conditions are a result of an inappropriate response to this change in body position.

The normal response for a change in body position, results in a stabilization to the upright position in approximately sixty seconds. During this process, the normal change in heart rate would include an increase in heart rate of 10 to 15 beats per minute, and an increase in diastolic pressure of 10 mm Hg, with only a slight change in systolic pressure.
For those who are afflicted with Orthostatic Intolerance, there is an excessive increase in heart rate upon standing, resulting in the cardiovascular system working harder to maintain blood pressure and blood flow to the brain. Thanks to

Why does this blog care?
Because the kids of this blog guy love the wiggles and will detest Sam Moran (the replacement Wiggle) just as we detested the replacement Blues Clues guy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Biggest Loser

Is NOT me!

First of all, I'm F-ing FAT!
Second of all, I passed my OCA Cert exam today and I am officially a dork!
And I'm happy about it.


Online Crash Analysis
Organization of Chinese Americans
Organic Consumers Association
Orthodox Church in America

It Is...

Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

BHFFL Official news

5 Weeks to go…
Dave has officially been eliminated from the Play-offs
Nobody has clinched the Play-offs.

Magic Numbers:
Joe Van Fantasy = 1 (in with a Victory and/or a loss by P w/ Wings or LOTG)
Really Dirty Diapers = 2.5 (in with a Victory and a loss by P w/ Wings and LOTG)
Nobody else is close enough for me to figure out.

Match-ups this week…
Pigs with Wings (4-8) @ DPR (6-6)
Sort of a must win for both teams. Both teams have legitimate shots at the playoffs, even the Pigs who after losing 5 of 5 can still sneak in. DPR is, hands down, the worst 6-6 team ever, but he seems to be about, near, and/or around that .500 mark so I may be wrong (but I never am (usually)). The way I see it, Palmer goes nuts but Thomas Jones takes the week off and Hasselbeck throws for 400 yards.
(Prediction: PwW: 93 - DPR: 83)

The Dirty Dirty (8-4) @ RRG (7-5)
In a battle of the team of diapers versus the team of the guy who, sadly, had to wear diapers, it’s anyone’s call here. Brees should throw 3 TD’s and now that I look at it closer, nobody is going to score for Ben’s sorry excuse for a team.
(Prediction: DD: 102 – RRG: 77)

Thong Song (1-11) @LOTG (4-8)
Great break for Hal this week, he plays Dave and he stays in the play-off hunt for another week. Dave Loses again.
(Prediction: TS: 84 – LOTG: 85)

SkyAuger (8-4) @ Charleston (5-7) 1163
Don’t see any reason that Lucky Dog (and Shuffleboard champion of the world) Auger shouldn’t win. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jean is setting his lineup. Anyhoo… a Hurricane Jean decimates the Beastie Boys this week as T.J Duckett goes balls-out and scores 20.
(Prediction: LSAS’s:108 – CB’s: 90)

SBM (8-4) @ Poker Dawgs (9-3)
Seriously, LT is sick. Totally not fair. I propose that we ban him from the BHFFL. Do I hear a second? This week LT is in Buffalo. I hope it freakin’ snows so it keeps the LT TD train down to 4. The good news is LJ is playing Cleveland.
(Prediction: SBM: 130 – PD: 210)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Political Dorks Unite!

Errr, I mean since you all already know you're a dork AND you like politics then you should go to visit this site...
Fantasy Congress (like I said, like it's for Dorks and it's like Fantasy Football (kinda))

Also, throw away the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. It's now been 3 days since it was cooked and has gone past the "safe" stage to eat.
Food Safety Education from the USDA from a hot (virtual) chick

Michael Richards Racial Tirade

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Brother's Night 2006

It was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the Pikehouse, not a creature was stiring, not even a FREAKIN' MOUSE! WHERE THE HELL WAS EVERYONE?
Nice to see you guys that did bother to show.
Somebody owes me $20
I swear I am NEVER going to the bar and not just buying my own drinks with you F-er's again.
Thanks for bending me over on the bill. 6 beers and a Bicardi & Diet ...

Many Thanks

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is (not really) Jesus

I always thought Jesus would have been in better shape (Less flabby)

Friday, November 17, 2006

4/1/1929 - 11/17/2006
"He was like a father to everybody." — Former Michigan State coach George Perles
"He was Michigan." -- Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson

Michigan Vs. Ohio State - Prediction

UM wins because of Defense. Troy Smith throws a key interception late in the 3rd quarter that allows Michigan to score and turn the MO around. Also, I see a costly fumble in the 4th as OSU tries to run the ball for the 23rd time (after the first 22 net 23 yards).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.

Steven Wright said that. I thought he was just a stupid ass. Turns out, he said one funny thing.

Should I buy a Zune?

I think Barry Sanders should do Dancing with the Stars next season and kick Emmits ass.