Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pipes & RSS in Blogspot

No, not crack pipes.... Yahoo! Pipes.
I can now easily aggregate my favorite RSS feeds and filter them in one easy (and convienient) package and into blogspot.
Notice the Fantasy Football headlines to the right?
I created the pipes (kind of like an application) then created the RSS feed from the aggregated and filtered data, then used a RSS to javascript tool to further reduce the RSS feed to headlines.

Wanna know the steps?
1. visit Yahoo! Pipes (login to Yahoo!)
2. build pipes (here is my sample for the fantasy football pipes app)
3. run the pipe and click the RSS more options tag (under "use this pipe")
4. find a good rss to javascript maker I used Feed2JS and RSS to JavaScript
5. plug in your feed info.
6. copy the CSS between your blogspot [style][/style] tags in the template
7. copy the generated javascript into the [body] of your template in the desired place.

Simple as making an apple pie.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Feel free to notice my outrage

Stop funding IRAQ's reconstruction
Today is August 5, 2008. I wish Governor Gramholm would bring federal computer jobs to Michigan.

Today I will work for a few hours then go home. I think I need more of a challenge at work (anyone know of any good jobs in MI that pay well, offer good benefits and a challenge?)

My apologies for not returning any facebook email and/or LinkedIn requests over the last 2 weeks. I will try to get to them this week. I have to fix a leak in the pool tonight. I’m also going to try and vote. Although the only thing I know that I need to vote on is the stupid zoo proposal that’s going to cost me $20 bucks a year or $7. I can’t decide. Either way, I already pay for a zoo membership, so maybe I should get some kind of a discount. I just decided that I don’t believe in keeping having caged animals, so I’m voting no. I think I’d rather spend $4000 to go to Africa and see the Lions and Tigers on a safari (way cooler than Huntington Woods).
Hasta la vista, baby…