Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't keep watching this blog

I am not updating it regularly. I am busy. My free time is being spent reading school books. I hate school books. I hate school. I hate Geoffrey Fieger, he's a doofus.
Nate is starting T-Ball games on Saturday.
There is no scoring, no winners and no losers.
But at least he's learning the game.

I will go on record and say that the Lions will draft stupid Brady Quinn on Saturday.

Way to go Millen. Grow a set and Draft Calvin Johnson.
Trade the pick to NE for their 2 first rounders.
Trade the pick to Denver for their 1st rounder and that Wilson fella.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lesbian accused of chainsaw murder


There's more...

Not only was she a lesbian, she's deaf, and black.

She "allegedly" started up a chainsaw, which her soon-to-be-victim couldn't hear (also deaf), and sawed her up. Then burned her up.

She was spending too much time with her girlfriend.

Don't mess with the deaf, black lesbians.

See the rest of the lesbian killer story...