Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dave Attell Show Review

Chaplins' Comedy Club. Somewhere near Roseville, Michigan. Friday, March 31, 2006

Dude was funny. You know, the kind of funny that makes you feel a little uncomfortable on the inside. Many times I'd wished I was recording the show so I could post some of the side-splittin' hilarity on the web. But I didn't. I was tape-recording with my mind though and damn if I can't use that old technology anymore. Where can I buy a tape player? Do you even know what a tape player is? I guess what I'm trying to say here is, Dave wants to start a family. Anyway, Dave pushed the envelope of comedy as usual last Friday, some old folks call it blue, I call it funny. Would I see him again, yes. He's the kind of guy I could imagine sitting around drinking with pretending I was on a fishin' trip. I give the show a solid A-.
The venue sucks though. Chaplin needs to do some redecorating and isolate the idiots away from the comics and set the place up like a theater. Man, I wish I had the cash to purchase that place and renovate it. Anyone want to front me some cash? I have great ideas, but can't make enough money to get ahead enough to take a chance. And the $5 mini-drinks, come on Hitler, show us some love.
Lastly a giant Fuck You to the birthday jackass who thought he was the star of the show. White-Shirt-wearin', trailer-park-livin', no-job-havin', fat fuck. Try your "hilarious" one liners out on your sister while she's riding your dad before the show next time. See if they kill there.


Blogger Jordan said...

So I go up to this girl and was you want some gum, and she was all like.. why do I need some gum...does my breath smell bad. And I was like look biatch if I was gonna give you something you needed it would be a gallon of mustace wax and a tshit that said one cock at a time.

9:40 PM  
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