Friday, September 30, 2005

There is no such thing as a 100 inch boob

Huh? What? Why not? Very Dissappointing, you say?
Too Bad it's true. In order for a woman to have a 100 inch boob I propose that she would have to be over 100 inches tall. And 100 inches is pretty tall. Also, they would be very heavy and I do not believe a woman with a 100 inch boob could walk.

May I have your attention please? This is a very excellent cause. Go support it. The home page is safe to view. They are raising money for breast cancer research.

Here are some interesting boob facts I learned today, or actually, I will learn them and then I will paste them here.

The List (all direct quotes that I am not going to give source credit to)
Some studies have shown that bare breasts can elicit heightened sexual desires from men and women.
There are many slang terms for the breasts. The terms, boobs, tits, boobies, cans, rack, hooters, knockers, headlights, twins, melons and jugs are commonly employed, though are generally considered derogatory or vulgar.
Women with exceptionally large breasts may experience back pain, whilst in some Western societies there is a belief amongst some that small breasts make a woman less sexually attractive.
There is no relationship between breast size and ability to breastfeed.
According to the results of the 'Size UK' survey, the average bra size in the UK has increased from a 34B in the 1950s to a 36C today, and the average size for US women is a 34B as of 2005
Males also have breasts and are born with the main milk ducts intact, but while the gland that produces milk is present in the male, it normally remains undeveloped. In some situations male breast development does occur, a condition called gynecomastia.

Here's a quick flash <- Safe for work, but still interesting! NOT SAFE FOR WORK - Can you spot the fakies?

Here's a List from obviously written by an ugly and flat-chested woman...

From an April Survey from Mentor Corporation...
-- 65% of Survey Respondents Were 35 Years of Age or Older, Married and Mothers
-- 88% of Survey Respondents Agreed With the Statement "Breast Augmentation Is a Personal Choice That Helps Women Achieve the Confidence and Well-Being To Flourish In Other Areas of Their Lives"

Tis one really puzzles me again, safe for work

Here are 20 facts about your set (PS This list is by Cosmo and it sucks)
1. Breasts get Fat
2. But they weigh less than you think.
3. They're thin-skinned.
4. Stray strands are normal. (hair)
5. Each pair has its own point.
6. They have their own monthly cycle.
7. There's a right time to take them to the doctor.
8. Four million of them are fake.
9. But implants still pose health risks.
10. They can get sunburned even if you're not topless.
11. They have a T zone.
12. Cleavage has many components.
13. Sleep affects your shape.
14. They hate jogging as much as you do.
15. But the right exercise can give them a little lift.
16. Nipples can come in threes.
17. Pregnancy can darken nipple pigment.
18. You get your set from either parent.
19. The left is usually larger.
20. They grow past puberty.

And on that note, I may have just broke some of my toes. Time to go see the doctor. F-ing OUCH!


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